Rogie Falls Step 5 Forming the deep pool

VWith the Autumn rainfall we see less of the rocks than we do in high summer and consequently see and hear more of the water as it pounds down the hill side and over the fall. We can’t reproduce the deafening roar but we can try to suggest it in the turbulence of the water contrasted with the deep pool that forms in the curve of the bedrock.

Complete the left hand ‘shore’ using long and short stitch to give a smooth, water polished look to the bedrock. Form the promitory which will curve round the deep pool. Note that vegetation has long since found a foothold on the top of the rock where the promontory juts out from the left hand cliff.

Deep pool formed by the curve of the bedrock promitory.

Deep pool formed by the curve of the bedrock promitory.

Starting at the edges use anchor no 2 slightly off white to sew in concentric circles. As you get closer to the middle introduce a slightly creamier white to suggest increasing depth.  Then to suggest that this is only surface calm add some deep browns between the circles.

Step 6, 1,  2,  3,  4,  5,   7




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