Rogie Falls Step 7 the water

Water is not easy to represent with embroidery thread.   I find the best way is first to decide what colours are in the water especially brown peaty water collected in a river pool.  There will be browns and oranges and blues as the sun hits.  In this picture the sun doesn’t really get to the deep slow water collected in the pool at the bottom of the cliff on the right hand side.  But instead white and creamy foam has formed on the top of the water as it swirls slowly in the lee of the rock that juts out from the cliff.    (See step 5)

For the water running around the mid river rocks I’ve again used Anchor 1 and 2 to try to recreate the rushing water as it rushes over and around the rocks.  The peat in the water driven down by the force of the river churns up an orange hue and to suggest this I’ve used my needle to separate the single strands of white and insert the orangey tones.   Take your needle and twist the orange threads over and into the very fibres of the White stitches gradually blending the colours together.

As the water falls all in a huge noisy rush over the fall itself again blend white twisted stitches with the orangey colours.    The darker oranges over the fall helps to suggest the gravity that pulls the water’s straight drop into the deep of the river at the base of the falls.    The water also becomes frothy white as it meets the solidity of the base rock at the bottom of the cliff face on the right hand side.   And white again as it meets the obstacle of the pesky rock in the middle of the river.

At the bottom left hand of the picture a natural weir is formed as the water falls over another small drop in the level of the river.  I’ve tried to suggest this by the angling my stitches to follow the direction of the drop by about 45 degrees.

Angling stitches to show changed direction of the water as it goes over the natural weir.

Angling stitches to show changed direction of the water as it goes over the natural weir.

It doesn’t look too great in this close up but it gives a better ‘impression’ when seen as part of the whole picture.   One of the most fascinating aspects of a body of water is that seems to change in appearance and mood each time you visit.   It can be desultory, mischievous, angry  and even just pure enthusiastic but It is never exactly the same.


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